Monday, December 16, 2013


I have relocated to Vredehoek in the City Bowl at the foot of majestic Table Mountain and will continue taking pics and write on my new blog:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spring Abundance

 Sunday morning I walked up Baviaanskloof on the Chapmanspeak side of Hout Bay.
I am always looking for frogs and toads along the little stream. Here he was, a true guardian of the threshold.
The past shows a sacred perfect geometry.
Along the stream I see the abundance of life. Springtime -
even the grass is full of beauty.
Tiny flowers are growing next to my path.
The Geranium is shameless in its attraction.

Some flowers are so perfect they are looking like plasticized.
A metallic beetle feasting, happy in the sun.
A rock with a green tongue, that licked up the rain of last night. 
A hairy heart of sage, still full of dew.
Nature offers a million images.
Another ancient reptile keeping watch in the sun.
Water of life gushing down in abundance.
It is life giving in a transformation from wild chaos to a calm flow.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Along the Disa River

Today I did not feel like a long walk, instead I strolled along the Disa River and through the dunes to the beach.
The ancient wetland is just about to be destroyed by human so called "development".

I discovered an old broken walk way into the reeds to watch the rich bird life. Nobody seems to be interested to go there anymore.
Drops are sparkling on the broad leaves, my favorite motive, showing the freshness of this crisp morning.
Even the flowering weed looks dusted with little diamonds.
Next to the controversial "Beach Club" Complex the dunes were turned into a waste land.
Nature is claiming it back with unbelievable beauty.
Bold, bright and upright, shouting: "I'm back"
A feast for the bees and for my eyes.
Behind the dunes I see the bay. 
It took eons to create this valley and we humans are only here for a mere blink in our mothers eye.
It will only take another blink for our traces to disappear.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

SUNRISE Spring Equinox Ceremony

I attended a beautiful and deeply moving ceremony with Dean Liprini early this morning.
We went up in the dark to just below the little Lion Head at Suikerbossie.
Dusk in the East.
Nearly full moon setting over Llundudnow.

Dean lead a ceremony of cleansing, sharing, singing and dance.

Sharing the balance of light and shadow with the whole world.

The sun was rising strong, masculine and powerful within the the rounded femal form of mother earth.
Manifestation of a strong intention the birth of a new fruitful season.
Thank you to Dean, the group and 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Today is spring equinox. It is a time of balance and transition. Like a pendulum moves through its lowest point. For me it felt like moving in slow motion. 
I felt soft and tender today.
With this mood I walked to the water fall above the Phakalane center on this rainy morning.
Tear drops are falling.
Falling like a heavy rain and forming little streams.
Thick foam is sitting like a crust on the flowing water.
Dead wood is holding the foamy cover in place. But the water is flowing strong underneath.
A messy web is trying for a catch.
This is a mysterious place where the tree people are rooting there heads in the earth.
As I come out from the stream's bed I see the ferns uncurling.
The rain painted the flowers like an aquarell....
...with flowing water colors.
Mother nature is unfolding her beauty.
Sun and rain are making peace again. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Awaiting Spring

Today I walked along the Rocket Road, than down and along the rocks back to Sandy Bay. It was a cold and wet morning. The 1st of September in South Africa marks the beginning of spring.

Flowers are there but it did not feel like spring yet.
Nature put together an garden arrangement and a seed is moist and ready to germinate.
The bay is cold behind a filigree of dry grass.
But there is life growing through the dead wood.
Life is holding on.......
dancing with the winter storms.
Monsters are hiding in the bushes.
Hard rocks are cracked and lying like an empty shell.
Some plant is teasing spring with pollen.
Some plants just seem to grow for fun like fractals.
Every season growing a row of juicy little breasts.
The stone woman is coming out of the sand and bathing in the first sun.
I feel like I have been here before, 10 000 years ago.
I love this bay where the sweet spring water meets the endless sea. Where the waves make love to the rocks and the flowers greet the first sun in spring.